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Younity believes that the power of bringing people together is the most effective way to recognize, respond to and reduce bullying in our communities.  We fund, support and conduct workshops that teach people how to effectively respond to bullying in its many forms, help them discover their own self-power, become more aware of their actions, and develop more compassion in the way they treat others.

For millions ofᅠyoung people, bullying, violence, and other forms of oppression are a part of a typical school day. Many students are afraid to walk down the halls for fear of being teased or humiliated. Others feel so alone and frightened that they cannot even pay attention in their classes.

Younity is the vehicle for bringing bully-prevention programs and workshops to Central Oregon schools, providing administrative support and funding to make the programs a reality.  Younity’s vision is to bring these and other youth-centric program to Central Oregon and beyond.

To date, Younity has directly impacted over 7800 teens and 2300 adult volunteers in 81 programs and workshops in 20 middle and high schools in Central Oregon since January 2009.







Member Since: 03/09

Arlene, J.D.


Co-Founder & Board President

Foundations That Make a Difference™

Member Since: 03/09

Arlene is one of the co-founders of Younity, formerly Serendipity West. Arlene works for Foundations That Make A Difference.
Carol Oxenrider is one of the co-founders of Younity, formerly Serendipity West



Board Member


Bank of the Cascades


Member Since: 03/15



Board Member


Crook County Community Member


Member Since: 08/15



Board Member


Stearns Lending



Member Since: 08/16



Board Member


Cornerstone Financial Planning Group


Member Since: 09/16



Board Member





Member Since: 03/17



Board Member


Small Business Owner



Member Since: 03/17


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