Younity is the vehicle for bringing Challenge Day to Central Oregon middle schools and high schools, providing administrative support and funding to make the programs a reality. In addition, Younity’s mission is to bring this and other youth-centric programs to Central Oregon.

Challenge Day programs are award-winning experiential programs designed to help stop the bullying, violence and alienation that is part of the daily school experience for thousands of young people. This program is a day-long interactive workshop where teens, teachers, and community members experience for themselves that compassion and connection are indeed possible in our schools. 


Through thought-provoking games, activities, and discussions, the Challenge Day provides participants with tools to break down the walls of separation and isolation and build new levels of respect and communication. Trained Challenge Day Leaders expertly create a program environment of safety, trust, and full expression.

​Students and adults leave Challenge Day inspired and empowered to become leaders in their schools and communities and to Be the Change they wish to see in the world.

To date, Younity has directly impacted over 9458 teens and 2562 adult volunteers in workshops and programs that we have funded and administered in Central Oregon schools since January 2009. Younity’s goal is to bring Challenge Day to every middle school and every high school in Central Oregon, every year.


"Be The Change"

What Challenge Day Is