​Crooked River Mustangs

"Students learned problem solving strategies for dealing with bully-like behavior." 

The Crooked River Elementary Community would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Younity Organization in its efforts to educate our students on bully prevention strategies.  Over the last several months, our school has participated in various directed events hosted by the Younity Organization including an all school assembly, a parent and staff information session, "Inspiration Day" for our 4th and 5th graders, and a poster contest for students.

The events asociated with the Younity program helped foster a common language amongst our school community related to bully prevention.  Students learned problem solving strategies for dealing with bully-like behavior and practiced using key vocabulary.  Our upper grades had the community building activities tied to "Inspiration Day" and walked away with positive memories of the overall experience.

Watching our poster winners recieve recognition for their work creating anti-bullying posters was a true joy.  Three of our students earned valuable scholarships and school-wide recognition for their stellar artwork.

I appreciate the willingness of the Younity organization to take feedback throughout the process to help refine their program.  This growth mentality is a model for all involved.  Our staff was able to continually offer insite into how to extend and enrich the experience for future participants.  As a school community we feel proud having helped add to the Younity organization's mission to prevent bullying at any age level.  We are truly thankful for our experience and interactions with all involved in the Younity organization. 

With sincere appreciation,

Sarah Klann
Academic Coach and PBIS coordinator
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