What is Inspiration Day

Our program serves to support and strengthen current anti-bullying efforts through building community, developing strengths, and fostering compassion and empathy while empowering youth to believe in and make positive changes in themselves, their schools, and their communities.

Younity is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to the development of strong Bully Prevention Services through youth, adult, and community empowerment. Younity believes that the power of bringing people together is the most effective way to recognize, respond to, and reduce bullying in our communities. We fund, support, and conduct workshops that teach people how to effectively respond to bullying in its many forms, help them discover their own self power, become more aware of their actions, and develop more compassion in the way they treat others.

Younity’s Inspiration Day is the third component of our Bully Prevention Program. (The 1st component is our staff training, the 2nd component is the student assembly, the 3rd component is Inspiration Day, and our 4th component includes resources from Younity to help keep Bully Prevention efforts alive throughout the school year ). Our 3 hour Inspiration Day is designed for approximately 100 students. Inspiration Day is meant for the upper grades in elementary (4th/5th) and 6th grade in middle school to foster leadership in Bully-Prevention efforts.

Program Goals: Inspiration Day After Inspiration Day, youth will be able to:

  1. identify personal and community strengths, resources, and tools.
  2. understand the importance of inclusiveness and friendship.
  3. have an understanding of how we can take care of ourselves and the importance of doing so.
  4. have an understanding of how we can take care of others and the importance of doing so.
  5. have an understanding of how our actions influence ourselves and others and that we have a choice to choose how.
  6. understand the power of positive and negative self-talk and thoughts and to feel empowered to choose how we treat ourselves.