• Younity offers bully-prevention programs for elementary, middle, and high school youth. 
  • Younity Inspiration Day® for Elementary Schools 
  • Challenge Day for Middle/High Schools 
  • Staff Training 
  • Student Assembly
  • Bully-Prevention Workshops 
  • A quarterly newsletter with recent statistics, positive community activities in our community, and ideas/activities for keeping the bully-prevention program momentum going throughout the school year.

For millions of young people, bullying, violence, and other forms of oppression are a part of a typical school day. Many students are afraid to walk down the halls for fear of being teased or humiliated. Others feel so alone or frightened they cannot even pay attention in their classes. Recent statistics are alarming and responsible adults are being called to take action.

Younity is a vehicle for bringing bully-prevention programs and workshops to Central Oregon schools, providing administrative support and funding to make the programs a reality. Younity's vision is to bring these and other youth-centered programs to Central Oregon and beyond. Studies have found that a simple message such as 'Bullying is not tolerated' is not likely to be as effective as strong bully-prevention programs that target the bystander who can step in and stop the behavior.  

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